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It gave me confidence and has boosted me greatly ... THIS CAMP ROCKS!!! See you next year!!
  • Alex Pringle conducts 550,000 people

    Author: BMC Admin
    Date: 06 Nov 2015 @ 19:06
    Categories: Latest News

    Alex Pringle conducts 250+ people in the massed choir at Border, but his latest project is on a bit bigger scale. He was the arranger for the 'Music Count Us In' project. John Foreman and Marcia Hines wrote a song, which Alex then arranged for voice and piano, two-part choir, string ensemble, concert band, brass band, stage band, ukulele ensemble, recorder ensemble, guitar ensemble, and percussion ensemble (and after that he needed a bit of a lie down). Then, Alex's arrangements were sent to over 2,100 schools - and on Thursday last week, Alex conducted a choir at Taronga Zoo that was beamed live to every one of those schools and everybody sang, played, strummed and banged it out at the same time. Totally epic!!

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