This is why I play music
The Camp Experience
I learnt more about music in a week than I have for ages and ages!


This year we have four ensembles:

  • Newvis Symphony Orchestra (AMEB Grade 3 standard and above)
  • Hardexander Wind Ensemble (AMEB Grade 3 standard and above)
  • Pringle Wind Ensemble (beginners to AMEB Grade 3)
  • Cran String Ensemble (beginners to AMEB Grade 3)

Rehearsals are taken by the conductor of each ensemble. And each ensemble has a number of tutors, who will help you with your parts. The conductors and tutors are terrific musicians, who will inspire you with their enthusiasm. So will the other Campers. You'll meet other people who play your instrument, and you can exchange or learn new ideas.

But that's not all!

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