Virtual Border Music Camp, 2020

Border Music Camp had to be cancelled for 2020 because of the coronavirus. However, we weren't going to let a piffling thing like that stop us. The entire online Virtual Border Music Camp appears below. The timetable for the week is here.

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Welcome to the (virtual) 2020 Border Music Camp!
Alastair gives us all a warm welcome to the week, Emma and Mick tell us about some exciting sessions they're running later in the week, and Aylish gives us a preview of the wonderful performances we'll be seeing throughout the week in the evening concerts.

Monday, 6 July 2020

Good morning everybody!
To kick off Monday morning on our virtual Camp week, Hannah takes us through some brass warmups that are fit for an Albury July morning.

Ah, memories.
For the first Nostalgia Hour for Virtual BMC 2020, the 2016 media elective show us how the reality of Camp is different to what you'd expect, and the 2014 media elective have the wisdom of how to survive the next wintry Camp week back in Albury!

Chloe gives us a hot tip for improving our bowing technique, and Ed takes us through some handy hits around practising tricky pieces.

Monday Evening Concert
Welcome to the first evening concert of Border Virtual Music Camp 2020!
The Simon Brown Brass Ensemble – Canzon Septimi Toni (No.2) [Gabrieli]
Isabella Brown & Liam Meany – Contrabajeando (Piazzolla)
Patrick D'Arcy & Therese O'Brien – Cello Sonata in G / 1. Allegro (Sammartini)
Cecilia & Florence Cooper – Rubber Duckie (Moss)
Emanuel Arcaro & Stuart Kelly – Violin Sonata No.1, Op.12 / 1. Allegro con brio (Beethoven)
The Joel Dullard Allstars – Canon in D (Pachelbel)

Then come to the discothèque! Curated by the most famous DJ in Australia, Rob "The Diffmeister" Diffey.

Border Bites: here's Joel's video again. Just because.

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Rise and shine!
Hannah's back to warm us up again on another chilly July morning!

The way we were ...
For today's Nostalgia Hour, we're flashing back to 2014, when the media elective gave us the Top 10 things about Border Music Camp!

For this afternoon's instructional video, Tim takes us through his tried-and-tested warmup methods.

Tuesday Evening Concert
Time for a Tuesday night musical treat!
Lauren Whitehead, Ulrike Strothmann – 'Parforcehorning for Eggs' (Short film, courtesy of Luke's Media Corner)
Ivan Jeldres – Someone to Watch Over Me (Gerswhin, arr. Turrin)
Lorenzo Arcaro & Stuart Kelly – Pieces for Cello and Piano, Op.67 No.2 / Gavotte (Popper)
Alexandra Giller – Sonata in C for solo viola da gamba / I. Largo / II. Allegro (Abel)
Michael Loftus-Hills – Serenade, D.957 No.4 (Schubert)
Sasha Shamrak & Yaron Shamrak – Bella ciao (Alla mattina appena alzata) [traditional Italian, arr. Smasha and Yaron]

And see our Facebook page for triva questions!

Border Bites: take another look at Lauren and her chicken-centred adventures with the Parforcehorn!

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Wakey wakey, rise and shine!
Good morning everybody! Hannah's back to take us through even more brass warmup exercises to kick off our Wednesday sessions.

Time Travel
Today's Nostalgia Hour takes us back to 2016, when the media elective imagined a magical Camp and Hogwarts, and investigated the whereabouts of a mysterious scarf.

We have two tutorial sessions today. Firstly, Lauren joins us from Detmold, Germany, to keep the Border Music Camp Hunting Horn Club alive with this enlightening look into the world of the alphorn!

Then, it's "Interesting Music". Alastair takes us through the history of Mahler and his Tenth Symphony.
Visit for a recording.

Wednesday Evening Concert
Prepare your ears and eyes for a wonderful Wednesday evening concert!
Joe O'Callaghan and the Spartacus Ensemble – George of the Jungle (Worth, arr. Christiensen)
Sam Jenkin & Kylie Loveland – Porgy and Bess: 'It Ain't Necessarily So' (Gershwin, arr. Heifitz)
Meghan FitzGerald – Ave Maria (Piazzolla)
Charlotte Mullens – In the Quiet [Poem]
  Download Charlotte's poem here
Grace and Ivan's Super Cool Duet – Ausklang / Reigen (Huuck)
Broken Creek (Erin & Lachlan Heycox) – The Cutty Wren / Lyke Wake Dirge (traditional English, arr. Erin and Lachlan Heycox)
Many Matt Wards – Divenire (Einaudi)

Border Bites: Matt Ward is joined by Matt Ward and Matt Ward to bring us a rendition of Ludovico Einaudi's 'Divenire'. Special guest: Matt Ward.

Border Bites: Joe O'Callaghan and the Spartacus Ensemble join us exclusively for a six-man-strong rendition of 'George of the Jungle'. Shaker choreography by Martha Graham.

Thursday, 9 July 2020

Morning all!
Good morning everybody! Hannah's back to take us through even more brass warmup exercises to kick off our Wednesday sessions.

The World of Yesterday
For today's Nostalgia Hour, the 2014 media elective take us through a day in the life of a Border Music Camp student.

Rocket clarinets and baroque trumpets! For our Thursday tutorials, Ed gives us some warmup tips and James takes us through a unique piece of trumpet history.

Thursday Evening Concert
Welcome to our Thursday evening extravaganza!
Tim Walsh & Arthur Johnson & Anthony Marsden – Aequale, WAB114 (Bruckner)
Emanuel Arcaro & Stuart Kelly – Danse espagnole from La vida breve (de Falla)
Grace Trebley – Etude No.1 (Uhl)
„Das überkontemporärisches Musikvideo von Ely” (Ely Ruttico) – Water Walk (Cage)
Ashley Prior & You – Minuetto for Two Bassoons (Weissenborn)
  Download the music here!
Belle and Whistles (Don Eduárdo Ferrìsi & La Doña Jeññý Fërrisi performing upon divers instruments) – Over the Rainbow from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ (Arlen)

Border Bites: In this juicy Border Bite, Ely introduces us to one of John Cage's most experimental pieces of chance music. Presented by „Das überkontemporärisches Musikvideo von Ely”, with assistance from Charlie, the Bearded Dragon.

Border Bites: In this Border Bite, Don Eduárdo Ferrìsi and La Doña Jeññý Fërrisi give us an inventive rendition of 'Over the Rainbow'.

Friday, 10 July 2020

Rise up with the lark in the morning!
Hannah is back to wake and warm us up for our Friday morning of Camp!

Back in the day ...
Today's Nostalgia Hour takes us back to 2013, when the media elective brought Camp to the big screen in "Border Music Camp - The Movie"!

For our last tutorial for our virtual Camp, James gives us his handy hints on keeping our music pieces in our noggins.

Friday Evening Concert
It’s time for one last weeknight concert for the Virtual Border Music Camp.
Matt Dudfield – Contrastes IV: 2. Allegro (Bozza)
Emanuel Arcaro – Sonata for Solo Violin, Op.115: 1. Moderato (Prokofiev)
Sienna Couzens & Stewart Kelly – Rondo in B flat (Cooke)
Sarah McDiarmid – Flute Concerto in G, RV435: 1st movement (Vivaldi)
Sophie Hodge – Légende (Wieniawski)
"Cairns" (2018 staff choir) – Only in Sleep (Ešenvalds)

Saturday, 11 July 2020

Good morning everyone!
It's the last day of Border Virtual Music Camp for 2020, and to kick us off for one last time with a brass warmup, we have Tim Walsh!
(Hannah is having a well-deserved sleep-in.)

Final Concert
Ladies and gentlemen, kindly take your seats for the VIrtual Online Mega Massed Choir. Begins promptly at 7pm.

Thank you for a STUPENDOUS week, and see you in 2021!!


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