This is why I play music
About Us
The camp needs to be at least a month. Saturdays should be postponed indefinitely so it never ends. Ever.


  • Chairperson Katie Clarke
  • Deputy chairperson Judith Foley
  • Secretary Karen Matthews
  • Treasurer Susan Karaffa
  • Student administration Margie Gleeson
  • Publicity officer Sue Pringle
  • WWC officer Katie Cerexhe
  • Ticketing officer Katie Cerexhe
  • Transport officer Tony Pringle
  • Jennifer Gollasch
  • Mardi Sergi


  • Student adminstration Margie Gleeson

Founder Member

  • Cate Davis

Life Members

  • Katie Cerexhe
  • Peter Cerexhe
  • Barbara Cran (in memoriam)
  • Margie Gleeson
  • Colleen Hardie
  • David Hardie
  • Alastair McKean
  • Jim McKean
  • Alex Pringle
  • Sue Pringle
  • Tony Pringle
  • Klasina Van Der Hulst
  • Rudi Van Der Hulst
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