How often do you get to give the first performance of a brand new piece of music? At Border Music Camp, we have a composer-in-residence. It's their job to write pieces for your ensemble to play, and as many Campers as possible get to give a world première.

Our composers-in-residence have written many extremely cool pieces over the years. What will the composer write for the 2020 Camp? Nobody knows … you'll have to wait till you get to Border!

What do people say about it?

'He is really creative!! His music sounds awesome!'

'I think it's good to be able to meet the composer of the music and see how they want it'

'Pieces are hard but really cool ... I've learnt lots of things I didn't know violins could do'

'He's a brilliant composer'


What does the Australian Music Centre say about it?

The Composer-in-Residence program won the 2005 Australian Music Centre / APRA Award for the Most Distinguished Contribution to the Advancement of Australian music in a Regional Area.

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